Our biomass boiler provides green energy throughout Prestige Cottages buildings.

We are proud to say that we run our hot water, heating systems and swimming pool using a green energy source.

In a bid to reduce the environmental and economical consequences of the large heating demand that the multiple buildings entail, biomass alternatives were researched and soon seen to be the most suitable for achieving the aims.

The purchase of an Eta biomass boiler from Regional Energy means all our heat is generated from environmentally friendly wood pellets. The pellets are delivered in a large animal feed wagon and are blown into a specially designed hopper which then trickles the pellets into the boiler.

We are now able to cope with the high demand more economically while reducing the impact the business has on the environment.

ETA has been producing some of Europe’s best biomass boilers for the last 16 years and Regional Energy are a Premium Partner in the UK. Garry Hague, Director of Business Development at Regional Energy oversaw the installation. He said: “People are choosing to move over to biomass not only as a way of making cost savings, but also to ensure the business is more environmentally sustainable”

We’re happy to give our guests a tour of our biomass plant room and show them how it all works if it is of interest.